Branch Surgery and Boundary News

Horizon Healthcare NHS primary care service are committed to continuing to provide and improve services at our surgeries for the benefit of our patient group, of all ages, both now and moving forwards into the future. Horizon Healthcare City Centre site is situated very near to Derby town centre and has excellent public transport links. Humbleton Drive is a branch surgery and is situated within the Mackworth area of Derby City close to main roads, bus routes and has good pedestrian access.

As you may be aware we suspended services at our Tufnell Branch Surgery in September 2019 due to an issue which arose because of building works in the adjacent building which left us unable to provide care for patients on this site.

The Tufnell Branch Surgery is a rented property and despite our best efforts we found ourselves unable to resolve these issues. This has left us no option but to permanently close this site.

Following this closure we have extended our opening hours at the Humbleton Drive site. It is our intention to improve the services offered, the range of clinical staff available and the increase opening times to provide an improved service for our patients.

We have reviewed information about Tufnell Gardens and Humbleton Drive sites and we have found:

They are less than a mile away from each other;

They are on the same bus route;

There is a safe and suitable pedestrian access between the two sites.

Through our assessments we believe that there will be a minimal inconvenience for patients. In addition, we have monitored feedback since the temporary closure of the Tufnell Gardens site and have not found any very adverse comments.

We would like feedback from our patients to understand if this permanent closure will offer any issues we have not considered.

The information you give us will really help us to consider how we can deliver the best service for our patients.

Your Feedback will help inform the Partners, your Patient Representatives, Local Medical Committee, Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England. The information you give us is entirely confidential.

Please email for a copy and we will send you a link to our Survey Monkey survey. Paper copies are available at the Horizon Healthcare site on Burton Road and at the Humbleton Drive site in Mackworth. If you need assistance to fill the forms in someone will be happy to help.

If you require the survey in a larger font or a different language or format please contact our practice on 01332 959400737777

Thank you, in advance, for completing this survey.