Prebookable face to face appointments suspended

Given the current circumstances, and in line with the recent LMC recommendations, we have suspended all prebookable face to face appointments for all clinicians, including GPs, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacists.

From today – Monday, 16th March 2020 – any face to face appointments will be available only on the day from 09:00 am in all sites, so please call to book them.

This is to allow us to triage for Covid-19 symptoms effectively. We may introduce other methods of dealing with patients needs in line with NHS guidelines, which may change and adapt as circumstances unfold. We aim to keep our patients updated regularly.

Please remember that large numbers of vulnerable patients visit the surgeries and the NHS have plans in place for those who have Covid-19 symptoms. They do not include coming into either the building, reception area or a consultation room.

Please follow these guidelines for the sake of fellow patients:

  • Currently hand washing with soap is seen as a vital tool in our fight against Covid-19. However, we are not talking about a quick rinse under the tap, but effective, thorough hand washing. Please watch the NHS How to Guide and follow advice: